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Shopping around? – Check our checklist.

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We know, buying blinds for the first time can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available! New systems are entering the market all the time,therefore we would like to provide you with some questions to ask the person who is selling the blinds.

Time and time again we come up against companies offering fantastic warranties. From our experience if it sounds too good to be true, there might be a catch. Find out what the manufacturers warranty actually is. You might find out that the blind itself is replaced under warranty but you will have to pay the labour costs involved.
This information will certainly help to ensure you are comparing like for like quotes.
Check the quality of the mesh as these vary considerably. Price difference between quotes often comes down to the quality of mesh or fabric being used. The weight of the mesh we use is over 600grams per m2. There are some manufacturers who use mesh approx 450 grams per m2.There is nothing wrong with choosing a lighter mesh, but it simply won’t last as long as the heavier mesh. If you are seeking greater longevity from your product the mesh will make a difference.
Check if hoodboxes and centre locks are included in the quote or are extra. We quote ziptrak with hoodboxes and centre locks as standard. Open roll with flashing and side locks is a cheaper option so be sure what you are seeking.
For Ziptrak blinds all our seams and edges are plastic welded. This is stronger than stitching. Having  contractfitted previously for other companies we have replaced several blinds where the stitching has given way.
Find out who will be fitting the job for you.  Most sales reps have no idea how to fit a blind, but are happy to sell you what they can because they are commission based. Some individuals will tell you that a blind can easily be fitted into an awkward place and that it will definitely do all the things you ask of them, yet without the knowledge of installation this is not the case at times. We are able to work with you through the whole process, from measuring and quoting through to fitting and installation. We have a thorough knowledge of the products and its capabilities

Be informed, give us a call.
We’ll tell you straight the pros and cons to different blind systems.

We are happy to share what we know.

We like customers to make informed choices, and we won’t give you “sales speak” as to why our blinds are the best or why you should buy from us.