Maximise sunlight during winter and extend your living space over summer.


 Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings add space, shade and style to outdoor areas.

As well as being a fantastic design feature of your home or business, a folding arm awning can add value to your property with an attractive and functional outdoor space, while providing significant energy savings.

Pinz CleverAwning options allows your awnings to close themselves when it gets windy, open themselves when the sun comes out, as well as open or close at various times of the day.


Popular choice of colours and patterns in a more light weight and modern acrylic fabric option.

Auto Awnings

Automatic lock arm awnings are the most popular exterior awning product of the Australian blinds market.  Pinz manufacture Automatic lock arm awnings using high quality components in a range of fabric options.

Auto Awnings in block out canvas provide a room darkening effect and are extremely efficient at reducing heat inside a room.

The block out canvas prevents the sun from hitting the window and the projection (angle) of the awning allows for air flow and for windows to still open.

Auto Awnings are suitable for ground floor installations over windows, patios and verandas where the awning can be operated by hand with the help of an awning stick.  The self locking arms make operation easy and helps the awning to stop where you want it to.

Auto Awnings remain a timeless and classic window shading option at a very affordable price.


Innovative self locking design.

Drop Arm Awnings

Drop arm awnings have an adjustable angle which can be adapted to offer exactly the right level of shade and protection every time it is used. 

Excellent technology and highly durable materials transform what should be a standard awning into a home improvement fashion accessory. They can be manufactured to fit any window meaning each window on a building can have one. This is ideal for office blocks who suffer from the heat and blinding light of an early morning or late evening sun.