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Calculation and graphic. As a rule — a common form of coursework. It includes: the completed assignment and the explanatory note to the decision. The timing of such work can be varied, depending on the complexity of the work (weeks and up to 4 months). The work is designed to consolidate and apply acquired skills in the learning process.

Research. The most difficult type course. In progress work the student performs two types of operations. The application of knowledge, search and research topics. The work is designed on the initiative of the student.

Reporting. Basically, the work that does not require the application of significant efforts in the implementation process. After they have learned the material or testing practices, student makes a report in the form of coursework.

Complex. Work performed on two or more subjects (e.g., microeconomics and macroeconomics). Comprehensive course work is mixed (e.g., in the “Micro” describes the calculation of the task, and section “macroeconomics” is of a research nature).

The content of the coursework

Course work usually includes a theoretical part — a statement of positions and approaches existing in the science on this issue, and the analytical (practical part) — contains the analysis of the problem on the example of a specific situation (for example, the company, legal conflicts, social groups).

Coursework necessarily contain a table of contents (contents), introduction, theoretical part(s) practical section(s), sometimes the design part, in which the student reflects the draft decision of the problem, conclusion, references, and applications necessary. Volume of the course work may vary from 20 to 30 pages.

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